Cosmetic medicine

SYNERGY VISS is not only applied in the treatment and prevention of pathological conditions; it is also highly useful in cosmetic medicine.

Improving figure

A well-toned body is indispensable to look pleasant. Muscle tone can be stimulated effectively by employing SYNERGY VISS. Treatment is non-invasive, results are faster and longer-lasting than with mere workout.
What’s more, the technology is instrumental in eliminating localized fat deposits, targeting specific areas of the body.

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Fluid retention

Excessive buildup of fluid can be reduced by subjecting the body districts concerned to SYNERGY VISS square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration stimulus. The latter cause the muscles to contract and relax properly, thus improving venous and lymphatic drainage. By preventing the buildup of fluid, our technology eliminates that unpleasant feeling known as “heavy legs”.

Muscular anti-aging of face and body

Restoring optimal muscle tone means recovering a state as close as possible to that of young, healthy tissue. Such a state will both look and feel good, and treatment will leave patient with an agreeable sensation of well-being, strength and resilience.

Discover the many ways we can support your professionalism and help your patients, with the right solution to every condition.

Discover the unique technology, guaranteed by HumanTecar® excellency.

Feel your best, with the best. Our square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration system is covered by an international patent. The technology employed in SYNERGY VISS is the outcome of in-depth scientific researches that continue to this day, thanks to our ongoing collaboration with major universities.

Gold Medal for innovation.

Maximize training to maximize performance! The world’s top athletes have long appreciated the beneficial effects of our know-how and MO. SYNERGY VISS’ innovative technology dramatically reduces recovery time.

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