The elderly could be subjected to an age-related process of degeneration of muscle fibres that leads to sarcopenia. Motion is therefore more difficult and unstable, and the risk of falling is higher. Recovering muscle strength and tone is the key to ameliorating motor skills and preventing this risk.


The degeneration of muscle fibres is a physiological process that increases with age, and can lead to a condition known as sarcopenia. Numerous clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration in treating this condition: the increase in strength, balance and muscle tone improves gait and mobility, and reduces fall risk in older adults.

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Muscle trophism
Risk of falls

Preventing Falls

The risk of falling rises with age, and is one of the biggest hazards for the elderly. In fact, due to reduced bone density, incurring falls often leads to fractures. The ability of older people to recover mobility and function after breaking a bone is considerably less than that of younger, healthy adults. Improving muscle tone and proprioception – thus enhancing coordination – helps to prevent falls. In turn, improved motor skills reduce the fear of falling, increases seniors’ confidence and helps them stay active.

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Instabilità posturale

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