Many neurodegenerative diseases, e.g. stroke victims and parkinsonian syndromes, have considerable repercussions on a subject’s motor skills, since the damage they produce also affects motor nerve fibres, which are part of the neuromuscular system. It is clear, therefore, that stimulating the latter will prove beneficial to such patients, enabling them to gain a higher degree of control over their bodies and considerably increasing their quality of life.


It has been clinically proven that square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration is effective in the rehabilitation of stroke victims. Treatment helps patients recover muscle tone and strength, function and mobility both of the upper and lower limbs. It also reduces pain and improves posture and balance, thus ensuring an ameliorated quality of life.

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Postural re-alignment
Post stroke rehabilitation

Parkinson’s disease

Parkinsonians find that symptoms affecting the muscles are one of the main problems interfering with their daily activities and impacting quality of life. Stimulating the deambulation muscles by means of SYNERGY VISS technology enables them to improve their motor skills, balance and stability, considerably reducing the risk of falls.

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Postural instability
Static and dynamic balance

Hypotonia and hypertonia

Alterations in muscle tone can affect a variety of body districts and lead to difficulties in walking, grasping and holding objects, bladder control, and even performing some of the simplest gestures in everyday life. Treatment with SYNERGY VISS enables patients to recover the correct muscle tone and therefore, mobility and function in the muscle groups affected.

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Progressive palsy

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