Sporting activities, the type of work we do, and age affect the health conditions of our muscular system, which is crucial both in terms of an individual’s quality of life and in how fast we recover from injury.
Applying square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration is conducive to a speedy recovery during rehabilitation, enabling patient to improve muscle tone and strength fast.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Very often, after surgery, patients cannot be mobilized straightaway, and need to wait some time before commencing rehabilitation. In the interim, the musculature weakens and recovery time is considerably lengthened. By acting on the neuromuscular system immediately, we prevent this happening and waste no time in initiating rehabilitation, which is therefore much faster.

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Recovering muscle tone and strength

The vibration produced by SYNERGY VISS technology not only triggers signals that reach the Central Nervous System, but also a muscular response: the so-called “tonic vibration reflex”, which is caused by the activation of muscle spindles — muscle mechanoreceptors sensitive to fibres stretch. With a stimulus of suitable frequency and intensity, these receptors trigger a slight contraction of muscles subjected to vibration, instrumental to recovering and maintaining muscle tone and strength.
Moreover, this reflex not only affects the musculotendinous complex subject to stimulation, but the adjacent muscle groups as well.

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Increasing range of motion

The maximum Range of Motion of a joint (ROM) – that is, how wide is the angle an individual can cover by moving his or her osteoarticular district, is directly dependent on the strength generated by the antagonist muscles. Insufficient contractile strength inhibits the joint’s range of eccentric or concentric motion. Recovering muscular strength is indispensable to restore maximum mobility to the joint.

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Jumper’s knee

Flat Feet

It is a proven fact that increasing the tone and strength of foot muscles in subjects suffering from flat feet can improve the shape of plantar arch, thus improving both static and dynamic balance – thanks to a better body weight distribution across the feet and legs.

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Flat feet

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