The intense training routine and constant physical efforts to which athletes’ muscles are subject make them liable to trauma, sports injury, strain and fatigue, as in the case of overtraining syndrome. Stimulating the neuromuscular system, in such instances, allows athletes to recover the best physical condition in the shortest possible timeframe. Thanks to SYNERGY VISS’ immediate analgesic effect, athletes don’t need to refrain from training for extended periods of time. In fact, even healthy athletes who have not suffered an injury and are in impeccable conditions, can actually increase their endurance, maximize the effects of training and perfect performance.

Overtraining Syndrome

Athletes who subject their body to intense training, need this to be followed by an adequate period of recovery, so that muscles can be restored to their full functionality. If insufficient time is allowed for recovery, the musculature will be subject to persistent soreness and fatigue, two of the major symptoms of overtraining syndrome.
In case of overtraining, acting on the neuromuscular system will prevent athletes’ abstaining from their workout routine for an extended period, relieving symptoms and accelerating recovery.

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Muscle strength

Improving Performance

The effect of vibratory stimuli on healthy, well trained muscle increases the latter’s explosive strength and endurance. In this manner, athletic performance can be enhanced and muscular injury avoided, not only short-term, just after treatment, but long-term as well, based on a specific enhancement program.

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Muscle strength
Contralateral effect

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