HumanTecar® is the new concept of doing physiotherapy. It is a trademark owned by Unibell, which has been present in the healthcare field for 40 years and is internationally renowned for having invented Tecartherapy in the ‘90s. The registered trademark “TECAR THERAPY GAIN WITHOUT PAIN®” dates from 1997, the year in which it devised and developed a ground-breaking, cutting-edge approach for the treatment of acute and chronic osteoarticular and muscular diseases.
Its technological and methodological R&D has made Human Tecar® an important benchmark in the physiotherapy field, far beyond the conventional concept of orthopaedic treatments.

The synergistic action between advanced technologies, manual techniques and functional products that act on the neuromuscular, circulatory and proprioceptive systems, allows to regain the body balance, in order to reactivate its natural functions in a fast and effective way.

International high-level athletes, the leading clinics and physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres that adopt this method are the main proof of its absolute efficacy, which has now been successfully “transferred” to everyday life.

HumanTecar® is a concept that coexists perfectly and shares the same approach with another brand, owned by Unibell too, developed specifically for the cosmetic sector: Omeoenergetica®.
Source of beauty and rejuvenation, this line of products and techonlogies stimulates the body’s hidden energy to guarantee immediate, long-lasting results and deep treatments.

Beauty comes from within.

HumanTecar® and TECAR TERAPHY, GAIN WITHOUT PAIN® are registered trademarks of Unibell International.

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