Square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration

The secret to our success is the focus of the square-wave, mechano-acoustic vibration.
The only one in the world.

Rigorous scientific researches allowed HumanTecar® and its R&D team to discover an adequate form of energy to activate Pacinian corpuscles in an effective and selective manner: the square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration.

Mechano-Acoustic Vibration.

The sound wave is generated by a special flow modulator, i.e. by the compression and expansion of air cones at certain higher or lower frequencies (30-300 Hz), a mechanism that triggers the propagation of sound. By varying the frequency of airflow, wave frequency varies, which makes it possible to activate distinct types of muscle fibres selectively, thus adapting protocols to a given patient’s requirements.

Focused Vibration.

Clinical research shows that, compared to Whole-Body Vibration, treatment is more effective, with longer-lasting results, if it is focalized on the muscle or close to the musculotendinous junction concerned. Moreover, the use of focal rather than Whole-Body Vibration enables one to avoid the side effects of the latter, particularly on the spine.

Vibration is transferred to tissue by means of anatomic transducers that are applied to the skin.

Square-Wave Vibration.

In order to effectively activate Pacinian corpuscles, it is necessary to maintain adequate and prolonged pressure. At the same time, the interval between stimuli should suffice to bring about an uninterrupted flow of signals to the Central Nervous System. The square-wave vibration at a suitable frequency and pressure meets this requirement.

If it should not be possible to achieve this specific effect, the stimulus would be insufficient to activate the corpuscles in question. Consequently, vibration would be ineffective and the duration of results would be extremely lower

Flow modulator.

This particular type of square wave is achieved by means of a globally patented flow modulator that constitutes the heart of the HumanTecar® SYNERGY VISS technology. It allows the simultaneous opening of a given number of chambers that release air cones, whose variable pressure generates the technology’s characteristic vibration.

This device, moreover, is able to eliminate the negative half-wave almost completely and to keep the pressure at higher values than the atmospheric one, for a greater treatment efficiency.

International Patents

International Patents

EU Patent no. 1824439
US Patent no. 8105254 / 9713567
RU Patent no. 2449824
IN Patent no. 276258
MX Patent no. MX/A/2007/006677

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