SYNERGY VISS has found a wide range of applications in elite and amateur sports, both in treating acute and chronic conditions and in the prevention of injuries, as well as in maximizing training programs to improve performance.

SYNERGY VISS is used by a great many sports teams, Federations and individual athletes during their training routine. Its beneficial effects are immediate, and comprise improved endurance and muscle strength. Thanks to the new, portable model, it is now even easier to enjoy treatment while traveling and right before major competitions.

HumanTecar® SYNERGY VISS has been used successfully for years at major national and international sports events and championships – e.g. athletics, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball etc. –, and crucially assists athletes in reaching their ideal physical condition and maximizing performance during competition.
This avant-garde technology has enabled us not only to engage with the medical staff and physical therapists of top sports teams, but with individual athletes’ athletic trainers.

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