Transmit 100% generated energy to tissue.

Vibration is transmitted to tissue by means of transducers, which are applied to the skin. They are made of ABS polymer with a Santoprene sound damper that facilitates he adhesion to the skin and ensures airtight seal.

They come in six sizes and two different shapes, for a perfect fit with the various body areas being treated.

Some transducers are equipped with a membrane that makes it possible to treat those areas in which it is difficult to obtain a perfect adhesion to the skin, such as very small areas with an irregular anatomical surface, i.e. the epicondyle, the epitrochlea, the lumbrical muscles or fingers.

The transducers should be positioned on the areas with the highest concentration of mechanoreceptors, i.e. the muscle belly and close to the musculotendinous junctions.

Moreover, the device is equipped with two transducers for manual therapy, which are particularly suited to treat trigger points.



Round transducers
Autostatic, with or without membrane, designed to treat anatomically irregular areas.

Straight transducers
Autostatic, ideal to act on wide areas, such as limbs or trunk muscles.

Pen transducer
Ideal to manually treat painful syndromes by acting directly on trigger points.

Other Accessories.

Elastic bands
Transducers can be set in place on tissue by means of elastic bands to be wrapped around the area being treated.

Transfer pipes
By their means, the airflow cones generated by device are transmitted to the transducers.

These consist of splitters provided with quick clamps to be used when connecting two transducers to a single transfer pipe.

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