Find out what this technology can do for you and your patients.

What it can do for your patients

• Treatment is agreeable, ensuring maximum comfort;
• Relieves pain and restores function, fast;
• Fine-tunes and maximizes muscle tone and trophism;
• Increases endurance and muscular strength;
• Improves coordination, posture and balance;
• Is non-invasive.

What it can do for your practice

• Many medical areas of application;
• Easy and ready to use;
• Can be used as manual or operator-independent device;
• Can easily be integrated into any traditional rehabilitation protocol;
• Gets swift and stable results.

Discover the unique technology, guaranteed by HumanTecar® excellency.

Feel your best, with the best. Our square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration system is covered by an international patent. The technology employed in SYNERGY VISS is the outcome of in-depth scientific researches that continue to this day, thanks to our ongoing collaboration with major universities.

Discover the many ways we can support your professionalism and help your patients, with the right solution to every condition.

For hospitals, clinics and practices

Lightweight and portable


This was the original Tecartherapy brand. Since over 20 years, the world of HumanTecar® has grown and developed its own MO, a synergy of state-of-the-art technology, manual techniques and functional products that has been well-known in physical therapy world-wide. And our square-wave, focused mechano-acoustic vibration system is part of this approach.

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